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About Hot

Having NO political bias, Hot is the place to be whether you are at work, at home, cooking, watching TV, on the loo, walking outside, or anywhere you might be. With amazing content, including crazy Maltese memes, funny videos, top lists, reviews and guides we strive to make your day a little bit better.

Social first. Designed for mobile.

By making use of social media as a platform of content delivery to our readers, we aim to deliver our content effectively. We estimate that the majority of users will be consuming content on their mobile devices. Thus the website has been optimised for mobile first. 

How we use Twitter

As part of our social media strategy, we are using our Twitter account to get in touch with our fans. Thus, you can get in touch with us by writing to our Twitter account. We will try to reply or interact as soon as possible.

How we use Facebook

We use our Facebook page to send out updates about our latest content published on this website.