Author: Sarah Camilleri

Sarah loves to travel around the world. Her favourite country is Austria. She also likes fine dining and exploring new places.

How to maintain a healthy relationship through communication

In all relationships, having open, honest and safe communications is a fundamental corner stone to having healthy communication with your partner. It is important to understand the needs of your partner and know what their expectations are – it is important to be on the same page. The following simple tips will help you create […]

Malta and the new Tesla Model 3

Electric vehicles are a new thing on the market. Demand in Malta for electric vehicles is still very low despite various government grants incentivising the use of electric vehicles, such as the car scrappage scheme, and the possibility to use priority lanes. The reality is that electric vehicles are still expensive to buy when compared to […]

5 best travel destinations in Europe

European destinations are a treasure of different cultural experiences and incredible travel experiences. This makes it quite difficult to decide which destination to go to when planning your next holiday. This is why we have compiled a list of the best destinations you can visit in Europe. Embed from Getty Images United Kingdom The UK […]

The 19th edition of the Malta Fashion Week this week

Malta’s highly anticipated Fashion week started on the 17th of May. During this week, the fashion shows will start taking place, ending on Sunday 28th May. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta is one amazing week of superb fashion shows, parties and events that reach the highest standards of similar fashion weeks held in other fashion capitals worldwide. […]

Oscar movie mistakes you probably never noticed

Because everyone makes mistakes, even in Oscar winning movies. These Oscar winning movies are among the best movies you can watch. Even though these movies are great, they are still prone to mistakes. These are the mistakes you might have never noticed when watching these movies. Click next to see more Oscar winning movie mistakes. Braveheart […]