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Check out this hot pastry chef/ consultant and his amazing creations!

Amauri Guichon is an international pastry chef and consultant. Memories from after the TV show… It was such a very good time!! #pastrychef #amauryguichon #quiseraleprochaingrandpatissier #monaco A post shared by Amaury Guichon (@amauryguichon) on Jul 28, 2016 at 11:30pm PDT He comes from France, but is currently working in Las Vegas. Guichon does not only […]

This is the most technologically advanced banana you will eat in Malta 😮🍌

This is the most technologically advanced banana you will ever eat to date. This Dole banana can be bought from your local green grocer. Although these may look like any other bananas, these Dole bananas have a sticker with a code on them. This code will let you experience an awesome tour through the farm […]

6 Maltese sweets every Maltese should know how to cook

Maltese people are fun to be with, and they find every excuse to party. Sweets are, therefore, part of every time of the year. Here are the top 6 Maltese sweets: 1 . Qaghaq tal-ghasel (Honey rings) Typically eaten the most during  Christmas time , but they are something Maltese people enjoy throughout the year. […]

Skip the queue – You can shop online from these Maltese supermarkets

With today’s life getting faster and busier, it has become a core going to the supermarket. And with summer around the corner, the hot weather won’t make appealing to go through all the traffic, fighting for a parking spot, and waiting to pay at the supermarket. Therefore, we’re listing a set of supermarkets that will […]