Updated 10.30: Massive fire in Marsascala + Pictures and Videos

Updated 10.30:

  • Fire still being put out this morning.
  • Civil protection department presence is much less than yesterday.
  • The air should now be safe. However, try to avoid the Sant’ Antnin area for safety.
  • Smell is still prevalent in the Marsascala area and other close areas. 



A massive fire has erupted in Marsascala’s Sant’ Antnin recycling plant.

  • Several ambulances dispatched to the site
  • No one reported dead or injured
  • Multiple fire engines and civil protection department personnel are on site.
  • Fire is now under control
  • Massive black smoke seen from as far as Qormi and Marsa
  • Smell of burnt plastic being smelled from as far as Marsa
  • Expect traffic in Marsascala bypass – scroll down for map


A massive fierce fire started at the Marsascala Sant’ Antnin waste recycling plant. Although no one has been reported dead or injured, multiple ambulances have been dispatched to the area.

All workers have been evacuated from site, and civil protection department personnel are working to put out the fire. At this point we are informed that the fire is now under control.

The area was inaugurated in 2008 and handles large volumes of plastic for recycling each year. Sources said that the fire could have started from the Material Recovery Facility as a result of a technical fault, and spread to the main shed. The site has been extensively damaged by the fire.

Those living in close areas are advised to keep windows and doors closed, and to avoid the area altogether if possible. Plastic fumes might be dangerous if inhaled over a long stretch of time.

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Best route to Marsascala

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