Terrorism. Can it happen in Malta?

Is Malta at risk of terrorism? A quick look at the risks of terrorism in Malta.


Around the world, there are thousands of terrorism cases each year. During 2015, 11,774 terrorist attacks were reported around the world. As a result of these attacks, 28,328 people have been reportedly killed, with Iraq suffering the most casualties. There were 38 reported attacks in the United States alone, with 20 U.S. citizens getting killed as a result.

Terrorism is carried out with the sole intention of causing violence and intimidation, especially to civilians. These attacks are usually carried out due to political agendas. Religious and political extremism has played an important role in the rise of terrorism.

In Malta, there will always be the risk of terrorism. Although the likelihood of a terrorist attack in Malta is very unlikely, terrorism is still a risk that needs to be taken seriously. At the moment, there is no known reason for any terrorist organisation to launch an attack in Malta.

What if an attack had to happen?

If a terrorist had to attack Malta, the summer months would possibly be the deadliest. A lot of events tend to take place during the summer months, such as feasts, conventions, and parties. Usually, a lot of people attend these events, thus making resulting in venues getting very crowded. Crowds are the ideal ingredient for any terrorist to launch an attack. A terrorist who wants to cause the greatest amount of damage will go where a lot of people congregate in the same place. The more people there are, the greater the damage done and the greater the risk.

What is being done?

Last year, bag searches were carried out by the police at the entrance of the Isle of MTV event. This exercise reduced the risk of a terrorist attack from being carried out within the venue. Several items which could have been a risk were not allowed within the venue. Liquids could only be allowed in if they were sealed. Unfortunately, this level of security is not present in other major events either because it is not possible, or because of cost cutting. It is not possible to have this level of security in events such as Maltese feasts, since such events are not limited to specific entrances. Blocking off a whole village to be able to search every person is not possible due to the limited resources.

How can I protect myself?

Protecting oneself is a matter of avoiding spaces where there are going to be a lot of people. Remember that the more dispersed people are, a terrorist attack is less likely. Events with entrance security, such as the entrance security at the Isle of MTV, are quite safe. This is because all entrants are searched for any dangerous objects before entering the venue.


Let us know your opinion on the matter. Are you worried about terrorism? Do you have any tips which you would like to share?

Jake Bonello

Jake Bonello

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Jake Bonello

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